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When two passionate creatives meet, all sorts of magical things can happen, even more when their respective worlds otherwise hardly ever meet. After a few years of secretly admiring each other's work in the streets of Ghent, they decided to blend their passions.  In a special limited edition of only 100 numbered scarves, the worlds of street art and knitwear meet each other.  Each scarf is uniquely 'tagged' with little accents and comes with a screen printed cotton bag.  A Blend of Australian merino wool, knitted in a refined delicate jacquard, made for men and women.  100% designed in Ghent, 100% made in Belgium. 


Both Griet (Wolvis) and I are completely overwhelmed by your enthusiasm!  In less than 24 hours, almost all 100 scarves were sold.  Well... we didn't see that one coming...  The last scarves will be sold on the webshop of Wolvis, so take a look over here: www.wolvis.be !  Maybe you're lucky and there is one left...