* I have been a great admirer of street art for a long time, but when I came across Morley's work... well... it just blew me away.  His witty, yet 'deep', texts are like a cold breeze on a hot day.  No macho 'I'm the best, fuck all the rest' here.  Just an honest guy, beautifully vulnerable through his work.  He's the man who got me into the wheat pasting business.  
Click here for a ride to street art heaven: Morley


* Another one of my heroes: Mander!  An illustration artist and graphic designer, living in Sweden.  His work gave me the motivation to start drawing again.  Check out his great work: Mander.


* The best website on street art?  I Support Street Art, of course.  My favorite: the 'press for random artist' button on the home page.  A great way to discover new artists.  Here you go: I Support Street Art.


* Looking for inspiration? Beyond the boundaries of street art and graffiti?  Click here: Colossal.


* There is a lot of graffiti in the world, but there is only one Os Gemeos.  Well, actually, there's two.  I mean... they are twins... so it's two, but they are one team... You get it?  Anyway, this is their site: Os Gemeos.  


* Ghent being my hometown, how could I not post a link to the work of the magnificent ROA: ROA.


* Belgium's got talent!  On this site you'll find the best: Street Art Belgium.  


* Ghent's got talent!  Bue, ROA, Bisser, Marcus Aurelius, ...  This link will guide you through (you might notice the owner has a thing with trains...): Ghentizm.


* If you like a good read every once in awhile, try POSTRmagazine!  It's a 'CounterCulture Chronicle', it asks the right questions and... it's free!  Read it, you won't regret it: POSTRmagazine.